Mighty-Max II is the most affordable, & compact fully automatic changeover manifold on the market. It’s size and capabilities make it ideal for numerous applications where your major objective is to NEVER RUN OUT OF GAS AGAIN.

Welding & Industrial: applications such as MIG/TIG require a constant supply of shielding gas/gases to produce the desired strength, porosity, & appearance of the weld. Mighty-Max delivers that constant supply with no interruption in flow and upon changeover, alerts users that changeover has occurred. Automatic changeover and notification is assurance that the required gas will not run out in the middle of a weld, virtually eliminating bad welds and/or scrap. Lasers, robotic welders, and fab shops are ideal applications for a Mighty-Max.

Beverage: Fountain and keg service are the profit center of many bars, restaurants, and concession stands. When CO2 cylinders run dry, so do the drinks that are being served. This will almost always occur during peak serving times. Mighty-Max allows for uninterrupted gas service which eliminates all down time between cylinder change outs and flat drinks. The unit is compact and works with standard beverage regulators and is the best alternative to costly bulk supply systems.

Medical: Doctors offices, Dental and Veterinary practices all rely on a continuous supply of medical gases. Oxygen for therapeutic use, Nitrous Oxide for anesthetic, and Nitrogen to power surgical tools. Lasers used for surgery, and vision correction also rely on bottled cylinder gas to function. Mighty-Max is ideal for the medical professional functioning in a type 3, non-critical care facility.

Laboratory: Laboratory applications require compressed gases to conduct experiments using CO2 for incubators, and a variety of other pure gases for use with gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers etc. Even one interruption in gas delivery can mean the loss of many hours of research in this environment. Mighty-Max eliminates this failure and allows cylinders to be changed before problems occur.