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  • General

    What is the Warranty?

    Warranty information is available on our Limited Warranty page (www.superiorprod.com/warranty).

    Are you the same Company as Superior Valve?

    No, Superior Products, LLC & Superior Valve are completely separate entities. Superior Valve was recently purchased by Sherwood Valve.

  • Medical Fittings

    What does DISS stand for?

    DISS stands for Diameter Index Safety System. The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) developed the Diameter-Index Safety System (DISS) to establish a standard for non-interchangeable, removable connections for use with Medical Gases (200 psi max.), Vacuum (Suction), and Evacuation services. Each DISS connection consists of a Body Adaptor, Nipple, and Nut. The DISS system is utilized on gas pressure regulator outlets, wall outlets, anesthesia equipment, and respiratory equipment.

  • Welding Fittings

    What is/What does CGA stand for?

    CGA stands for the Compressed Gas Association. Superior Products, LLC is an active member of this organization that is responsible for almost all aspects relating to compressed gas safety & handling. Superior Products, LLC fittings & equipment are all manufactured to CGA specifications.

    Does the material of construction (brass, stainless steel, monel, etc.) change the rated pressure of the specified CGA?

    No, the CGA dictates the maximum pressure rating for any given fitting. Therefore a CGA 580 nut & nipple made from stainless steel carries the same pressure rating (3000 psi max) as one made from brass.

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