Totem Lake Business Highlight: Macro Technologies, LLC

Picture of Macro Technologies

Macro Technologies, LLC manufactures proprietary quick connects, relief valves, stainless hoses, and shutoff valves for compressed and cryogenic gases used in home medical, transportation and industrial markets. Their products operate in extremes of temperatures (think fire and ice), pressures, and accuracy, and are also used in the emerging liquid natural gas and compressed natural gas markets including alternative fueling.

The company was founded in southern California by Howard Konishi in 1974. He had grown restless working for others, and felt that the training he received in mechanical engineering at UCLA, along with his industry experience would help him succeed on his own. He was right.

He moved the company to Redmond in 1978 to be closer to the University of Washington where he was collaborating on development projects. The company outgrew its facilities and moved to Totem Square Business Park in 1982. Continued growth and the end of its lease prompted Macro Technologies to search for a new home in 2010.

Staying in Totem Lake was important to Howard Konishi and company president Ed Huncovsky. It meant remaining close to their homes in Redmond and keeping their 100 employees, Most have been with the company for at least five years. The former Ferguson building, located in the newly annexed area east of the Graham Steel building, was selected as the new site. At 30,000 square feet, it is almost twice as big as the previous building. After extensive tenant improvements, it now contains the company’s executive offices, a design and engineering area, and clean manufacturing and assembly spaces. The City and King County worked together to identify and expedite necessary improvements as annexation was taking place, saving the company time and money.

Privately owned Superior Products, based in Cleveland, Ohio, purchased Macro Technologies in 2008. Founded in 1946, the company designs and manufactures a complete line of compressed gas fittings, assemblies, and gas management systems for customers in the welding, medical, beverage, and specialty gas industries. CEO Don Mottinger noted that with the acquisition of Macro Technologies, 60% of Superior Products’ revenue now comes from selling into the medical market.

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