Did you know that there is more to Superior than our fittings? Superior Products, LLC sells Gas Management Solutions. We offer a complete line of manifold systems for gas distribution. In addition to our manually operated simplex and duplex brass manifold systems, we have a full line up of automatic changeover manifolds anchored by the Mighty-Max. The new Pro-Mix proportional gas mixer is extremely accurate and affordable. If you are paying a premium for pre-mixed gases, the Pro-Mix will save you a fortune. Filling portable oxygen cylinders has just gotten a whole lot easier (and more profitable) thanks to Superior’s new Fill-Tech yoke clamping system. Fill-Tech eliminates the process of hand tightening each yoke before and after each fill. The system seals the yokes to the post valve by hydraulic force. The booster pump is powered by 120 psi shop air. More importantly, Superior has the technical expertise to get you exactly what you need to solve your problems.