Recently the Superior family of companies has changed its product offering. Our sister company SP Medical LLC, has sold a portion of its product line, non-metallic Sleep, Filter, and Oxygen Accessories to AG Industries.

Superior Products, LLC remains committed to the manufacturing and distributing of Gas Management Systems, Fittings and Accessories. Superior Products, LLC has been in business serving both the medical and industrial compressed gas industries for almost 65 years. We will continue to focus on our core products and markets and will continue to develop new products and services for our customers.

Going forward Medical and Hospital Products that you used to purchase from SP Medical LLC can be ordered directly with Superior Products, LLC by phone, 800-651-9490 or fax, 216-651-4071 for the following products:

  • Flowmeters
  • Gas Management Apparatus
  • Hospital Connections and Fittings
  • MDI Spacers / Leverhaler
  • Oxygen Cylinders
  • Medical Hose and Connections

Only our SP Medical Sleep, Filter, and Oxygen Accessories lines have been sold to AG Industries in St. Louis. To order SP Medical Sleep Products,Filters, Oxygen Accessories, and other Non Metallic products call customer service at AG Industries at 800-875-3138 or visit For your convenience when placing orders, part numbers, pricing and terms will remain the same.

Thank you for your continued support of the entire Superior family of products and organizations.