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ECI Acquires Superior Holding, LLC

2/4/14: We are pleased to announce that Superior Holding, LLC-the owners of Macro Technologies, LLC and Superior Products, LLC has been acquired by Engineered Controls International, LLC.  This acquisition adds to an expanding portfolio of companies representing leading brands of gas flow and control products. These brands now include RegO Products, Goddard Valve, Superior Products and Macro Technologies.  Click here to read more.


Asian NGV Communications Covers the CryoMac2(TM)

12/1/13: Asian NGV Communications, a leading news publication for the Natural Gas Vehicle industry in Asia, recently published an article on Macro Technologies' second generation CryoMac2(TM) LNG Fueling Nozzle. Click here to read the article and learn how Macro Technologies is using Engineering Excellence to bring efficiency and safety to LNG Fueling Systems.


Superior Products featured in the July/August 2013 issue of Metal Finishing magazine

9/16/13: Metal Finishing, the plating and coating industries' technology magazine, published a case study detailing Superior Product' switch from nitric acid dip cleaning to closed-loop solvent method.

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Visit Macro Technologies at the ACT Expo: June 25-27, 2013

6/24/13:  Macro Technologies is a proud participant of the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, being held in Washington, DC from June 25-27, 2013. Visit Macro Technologies at Booth 546.

Superior Holding, LLC Receives Presidential Award for Exports

 5/21/13:  WASHINGTON – U.S. Acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank presented Superior Holding, LLC with the President’s “E” Award for Exports at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. on Monday.   The “E” Awards are the highest recognition any U.S. entity may receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports.

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Visit Macro Technologies at NGV China: May 8-10, 2013

5/8/13:  Macro Technologies is a proud participant of the 14th China international NGV and Gas Station Equipment Expo, being held in Beijing, China from May 8-10, 2013. Visit Macro Technologies at Booth 22.

Click here and here to view pictures from the event



CryoMac® LNG Fueling Nozzle Receives CRN Number

2/21/13: Macro Technologies has been granted a Canadian Registration Number (CRN #OH15845.5) for their Cryomac® LNG fueling nozzle for the Canadian province of Ontario.  Applications for certificationhave also been submitted for all of Canada's other provinces.

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority's issuance of the CRN acknowledges the safety and quality of the CryoMac®'s design and comply with the TSSA's stringent requirements for pressure vessels.

Learn more at LNG Global


Superior Products Wins Smart Business Magazine’s 2013 Evolution of Manufacturing Award

2/21/13:Smart Business Magazine recently awarded Superior Products with the 2013 Evolution of Manufacturing Award.

“The conference is designed to recognize and showcase manufacturers and technology companies that have adapted to competition in a global economy through improved operations, new technologies, products or services. The 2013 program focuses on the continued evolution to advanced manufacturing with a focus on breakthrough concepts, transforming old-line manufacturers into high-tech manufacturers and what it takes to remain competitive and relevant in a new manufacturing age.”

Click here to read the article Smart Business Magazine wrote about Superior Products

Or click here to learn more about our continuous improvement efforts that earned the award


Superior Products Introduces New Customer Management System

1/01/13: Superior Products recently introduced a new customer management system that allows our customers to easily access real-time information and manage their supply chain more effectively. Click here to learn more, or sign up at


Superior Products Attends the 2012 Image of Welding Awards

11/28/12:WEMCO and the American Welding Society (AWS) announced its Image of Welding Awards winners who were honored in an award ceremony in Las Vegason November 14, 2012. Visit the AWS website to see the list of winners or click here to view pictures from the event.

Hydrogen Used in Telecom Power Source After Hurricane Sandy

11/02/12:Altergy Systems ( was informed by some of its customers that the only wireless cell tower sites that remained up and operating during the power outages that followed hurricane Sandy were those powered by Altergy's Freedom Power fuel cell systems.

To learn more about Altergy’s hydrogen fueld Freedom Power™ Systems, visit

Contact Superior Products to find out how we can engineer a gas management system for your hydrogen needs.

Macro Technologies Introduces Break-A-Way LNG Hose Coupling Fittings

6/29/12Leading industrial and natural gas new publication, CryoGas International, recently published an article on the Macro Technologies Break-A-Way Coupling.Click here to read the article and learn how Macro Technologies is using Engineering Excellence to bring safety to LNG Fueling Systems.

Thank you to the author of the article, Keith Hall. Keith Hall is the Engineering Manager of INOXCVA's Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives' LNG/Specialty Products Division in Mont Belvieu, TX.


Superior Products Upgrades Cleaning System

6/15/12Superior Products is pleased to announce the latest upgrade to our manufacturing processes. We recently acquired a new Durr-EccoClean system that will allow us to reduce our waste stream into the environment and improve efficiency, while continuing to provide the high-quality parts you expect from Superior Products. Click here to view our Quick Fact Sheet or read more here.


WEMCO Inducts Bob Ranc, Sr. as President

3/30/12Congratulations to Superior Products’ Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bob Ranc, Sr. on his recent induction as President of WEMCO. Click here to read more.

Watch Macro Technologies' New Videos

3/26/12:Macro Technologies, LLCWatch the new YouTube videos for the CryoMac(R) fueling guide and features and benefits, and LNG Quick Disconnect Vents/Fill on the Macro Technologies product pages, or watch them on YouTube at

Thank you toVirginia Clean Cities for linking to the CryoMacTM Video Fueling Guide on their Facebook page


Learn About Our Website Syndication Program

2/7/12: Enroll in the SuperiorProd Website Syndication Program and let us help you:
* Expand your product offering by over 2,000 parts
* Add user friendly functionality to your website
* Become a featured distributor. Click here to read more.

Macro Technologies Secures CryoMacTM Trade Name for LNG Fueling Nozzle

1/6/12:Macro Technologies, LLChas applied to trademark the name CryoMacTM for their popular LNG fueling nozzle. Click here to read more.

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