add gas fittings, manifolds, compressed gas nuts, nipples, and adaptors




Data from our catalog is syndicated into your website, allowing your website’s visitors to browse through Superior Products’ entire catalog of parts. 


Your visitors never leave your website and the appearance of your website is maintained as they navigate through our online catalog.


Each page can include an option to request a quote or request more information.  The request is emailed directly to you.


If you have an eStore, all of our part information can be syndicated directly into your eStore and made available for purchase.


All of our content is automatically managed on your website.  When we update information on our parts, add more products, and increase functionality to our online catalog, these improvements are automatically updated on your website. 

Enroll in the SuperiorProd Website Syndication Program

and let us help you:

   *  Expand your product offering by over 2,000 parts

   *  Add user friendly functionality  to your website

   *  Become a featured distributor


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To see an example, visit the website of leading packaged gas supplier


Butler Gas





and click on their Visit Our Online Catalog tab

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