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Reprinted from page 38 of the Fall 2011 issue of Cold Facts (The Magazine of the Cryogenic Society of America, Inc.)

INOXCVA Chooses Macro Technologies LNG Fueling Nozzle

   Macro Technologies, LLC, a Superior Products company, announced that their Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fueling nozzle is being used in INOXCVA's LNG mobile refueling stations. INOXCVA recently built and delivered LNG mobile refueling stations in an effort to overcome the deficiencies in the LNG fuel infrastructure. INOXCVA relied on the engineering expertise of Macro Technologies to supply a new generation of
LNG fueling nozzles.

   Macro Technologies has performed extensive R&D, prototyping and field testing in LNG fueling applications. This commitment to engineering excellence made them a strategic partner for INOXCVA with the fueling nozzles for the mobile fueling stations. Non-metallic bearings on the nozzle and air gaps minimize icing issues that may occur due to the low temperature of LNG fueling. For safety, the nozzle provides a positive stop, allowing gases trapped after the fueling process to be safely vented.

   The nozzles can be quickly and easily repaired with kits, rather than having to send damaged nozzles back to the manufacturer.  This feature in particular is invaluable for mobile refueling stations deployed in remote areas. 

   INOXCVA's LNG mobile refueling stations are expected to offer safety, speed and ease of use to fueling station operators. Able to be deployed as semi-permanent LNG fueling stations or as service vehicles for refueling, INOXCVA's LNG mobile refueling stations provide a feasible solution for LNG fuel infrastructure.

   In addition to their LNG fueling nozzle, Macro Technologies manufactures a number of other innovative LNG fueling products, including an LNG tank receptacle, cryogenic hose and relief valves. Macro Technologies is a supplier of safe, effective and cost-effective solutions for the LNG industry.

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