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Meet the Superior Products Team

12/20/11: View pictures of the Superior Products Team here.  View pictures of the staff at our sister company, Macro Technologies, LLC here, or visit to learn more about Macro Technologies, LLC.


INOXCVA Chooses Macro Technologies LNG Fueling Nozzle

11/23/11: Cold Facts (The Magazine of the Cryogenic Society of America, Inc.) featured a story in their Fall 2011 issue describing INOXCVA's use of Macro Technologies' LNG Fueling Nozzle for the INOXCVA mobile refueling stations. Read the story here.

Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association

11/10/11: Superior Products, LLC and Macro Technologies, LLC recently exhibited at the Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association (ANGVA) 2011 Show in Beijing, China.   View pictures from the ANGVA show here.

Bringing Value to a Changing Market and World

9/29/11Superior Products and Macro Technologies are bringing value to a changing market and world with new technology and best business practices.  CryoGas International covered these interesting new developments in the article "Bringing Value to a Changing Market and World" in their October 2011 issue.  Click here to read the article online.  *Please note:  This article was originally published in CryoGas International and is inteded to be a read only document, not to be re-printed without permission from CryoGas International.

Macro Technologies featured in Totem Lake bulletin, "On Track"

9/28/11: The Totem Lake bulletin, "On Track", featured Macro Technologies, LLC in their August 2011 Business Highlight.  To read the story, please click here.


Superior Products & Macro Technologies in Cryogas International Magazine!

7/23/11: ATTN: Superior Products & Macro Technologies breaks into the July issue of Cryogas International! Article states, "Macro Technologies, a Superior Products, Inc. company, introduced their new patent pending LNG Fueling Nozzle at the ACT Expo. Designed for reliability and manufacturability. The new nozzle offers significant safety and user-friendly features, is lighter weight and easier to slide onto the receptacle than other nozzles, and has fewer icing issues."

Macro Technologies Open House on 7/19/11

Superior/Macro Technologies is having an open house on July 19th to introduce everyone to our new product lines, staff, and plant! We at Superior are very excited to introduce the industry to our new acquisition, Macro Technologies. One of the products of focus is our new Push2Fill. Click here to see our brand new YouTube video of the Push2Fill in action at Butler Gas! Stay tuned for more updates on our open house and Macro Technologies! More pictures and information to come!

New Catalog Information Available

We now have our catalogs online of all the new poduct lines that Superior/Macro Technologies offers! We have our general Superior Products, Cryogenic, Liquid Natural Gas and Relief Valve Fliers up for viewing now!

Brand New Push2Fill Quick Connect!

Revolutionize your fill plant today! Our Push2Fill's are in full operation at Butler Gas and according to them, it has reduced connection time on their fill rack from 10 minutes to 2 minutes. The Superior/Macro Technologies Push2Fill quick connectors are designed for fast, safe, and reliable connection of filling hoses to gas cylinders. The quick one push operation may reduce the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome related to the twisting motion of hand-tight connections. The seal between the nipple o-ring and valve body is made by inserting the Push2Fill into the valve and locked into a pressure tight seal by simply pushing the locking sleeve forward. The Push2Fill lowers connection time and speeds the filling process. Can be converted to a “RPV” fixed pin version without having to buy a new Push2Fill. Click here to view our brand new Push2Fill Flier and Ad!

Mighty-Max II Does It All

3/31/11Mighty-Max II is the most affordable, & compact fully automatic changeover manifold on the market. It's size and capabilities make it ideal for numerous applications where your major objective is to NEVER RUN OUT OF GAS AGAIN.

Welding & Industrial: applications such as MIG/TIG require a constant supply of shielding gas/gases to produce the desired strength, porosity, & appearance of the weld. Mighty-Max delivers that constant supply with no interruption in flow and upon changeover, alerts users that changeover has occurred. Automatic changeover and notification is assurance that the required gas will not run out in the middle of a weld, virtually eliminating bad welds and/or scrap. Lasers, robotic welders, and fab shops are ideal applications for a Mighty-Max.

Beverage: Fountain and keg service are the profit center of many bars, restaurants, and concession stands. When CO2 cylinders run dry, so do the drinks that are being served. This will almost always occur during peak serving times. Mighty-Max allows for uninterrupted gas service which eliminates all down time between cylinder change outs and flat drinks. The unit is compact and works with standard beverage regulators and is the best alternative to costly bulk supply systems.

Medical: Doctors offices, Dental and Veterinary practices all rely on a continuous supply of medical gases. Oxygen for therapeutic use, Nitrous Oxide for anesthetic, and Nitrogen to power surgical tools. Lasers used for surgery, and vision correction also rely on bottled cylinder gas to function. Mighty-Max is ideal for the medical professional functioning in a type 3, non-critical care facility.

Laboratory: Laboratory applications require compressed gases to conduct experiments using CO2 for incubators, and a variety of other pure gases for use with gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers etc. Even one interruption in gas delivery can mean the loss of many hours of research in this environment. Mighty-Max eliminates this failure and allows cylinders to be changed before problems occur.

Announcement to Our Valued Customers - 3/15/11

Recently the Superior family of companies has changed its product offering. Our sister company SP Medical LLC, has sold a portion of its product line, non-metallic Sleep, Filter, and Oxygen Accessories to AG Industries.

Superior Products, LLC remains committed to the manufacturing and distributing of Gas Management Systems, Fittings and Accessories. Superior Products, LLC has been in business serving both the medical and industrial compressed gas industries for almost 65 years. We will continue to focus on our core products and markets and will continue to develop new products and services for our customers.

Going forward Medical and Hospital Products that you used to purchase from SP Medical LLC can be ordered directly with Superior Products, LLC by phone, 800-651-9490 or fax, 216-651-4071 for the following products:

  • Flowmeters
  • Gas Management Apparatus
  • Hospital Connections and Fittings
  • MDI Spacers / Leverhaler
  • Oxygen Cylinders
  • Medical Hose and Connections

Only our SP Medical Sleep, Filter, and Oxygen  Accessories lines have been sold to AG Industries in St. Louis. To order SP Medical Sleep Products,Filters, Oxygen Accessories, and other Non Metallic products call customer service at AG Industries at 800-875-3138 or visit For your convenience when placing orders, part numbers, pricing and terms will remain the same.

Thank you for your continued support of the entire Superior family of products and organizations.


Is your medical cylinder filling operation labor intensive or profit driven?

2/28/2002The Fill-Tech automatic yoke clamping system drastically reduces the time and labor spent tightening yokes in preparation to fill cylinders. The automatic rack seals the yokes to the post valve by hydraulic force, simply push the lever down to engage all cylinders and flip to the up position to release the filled cylinders. The system is powered by a booster pump that uses oxygen safe, hydraulic fluid. The pump only requires 120 psi shop air to function.

Gas Management Solutions

5/17/2001Did you know that there is more to Superior than our fittings? Superior Products, LLC sells Gas Management Solutions. We offer a complete line of manifold systems for gas distribution. In addition to our manually operated simplex and duplex brass manifold systems, we have a full line up of automatic changeover manifolds anchored by the Mighty-Max. The new Pro-Mix proportional gas mixer is extremely accurate and affordable. If you are paying a premium for pre-mixed gases, the Pro-Mix will save you a fortune. Filling portable oxygen cylinders has just gotten a whole lot easier (and more profitable) thanks to Superior's new Fill-Tech yoke clamping system. Fill-Tech eliminates the process of hand tightening each yoke before and after each fill. The system seals the yokes to the post valve by hydraulic force. The booster pump is powered by 120 psi shop air. More importantly, Superior has the technical expertise to get you exactly what you need to solve your problems.


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