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We've Got You Covered


Summary:  No matter what your application is, Superior Products and Macro Technologies have you covered.
Our Engineering Excellence has allowed us to develop innovative product lines
for all of your gas management needs.

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Staying Ahead of the Curve


Summary:  Engineering Excellence means staying ahead of the curve to provide innovative products for emerging markets.

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Summary:  Enroll in the SuperiorProd Website Syndication Program and let us help you:
* Expand your product offering by over 2,000 parts
* Add user friendly functionality to your website
* Become a featured distributor

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 carbon dioxide cga 320 automatic changeover manifold


Summary:  Fountain and keg service are the profit center of many bars, restaurants,
and concession stands. When CO2 cylinders* run dry, so do the drinks that
are being served. This will almost always occur during peak serving times.
Mighty MaxTM allows for uninterrupted gas service which eliminates all down
time between cylinder change-outs and flat drinks. The unit is compact and
works with standard beverage regulators and is the best alternative
to costly bulk supply systems.

*CGA 320 (CO2 ) models come with two heaters

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 Engineering Excellence for metal fabricating and welding


 Superior Products provides engineering excellence for all your fabricating and welding needs:


 Mighty Max™ Automatic Changeover Manifold:  Maintains a flow of gas, reducing bad

 welds caused by gas running out


 Flashback arrestors: Improve safety


 Pro-Mix Gas Mixers: Reduce Costs by blending your own precise gas mixtures


 Gas Fittings, Gas Equipment and Connections, Hose Repair Kits


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Let Superior Products be the
Strongest Link in your Supply Chain

Find out how Superior Products is giving
distributors more control over their supply chain,
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