Engineering Excellence

Gas Management Solutions Designed and Manufactured for Unique Applications

   In business since 1946, Superior Products has experience manufacturing CGA fittings, valves, tees, plugs, bushings, manifolds, ang gas management systems for Industrial, Hospital, and Specialty applications.

   Certain applications call for more than the standard CGA gas fittings, manifolds, and gas equipment.  Superior Products works with customers to design, engineer, and manufacture gas management systems to meet the specific requirements of the application.  Whether the application calls for a custom manifold to better manage gas use, specialized cylinder to regulator adapters to improve perfromance, or  custom nipples and pigtails to fit where standard CGA nipples don't fit, Superior Products has the experience for the job.  Superior Products has the capability to machine large volumes as well as made-to-order machine that handles specialty gas fittings

   If you do not see what you need in our catalog, give us a call at 800-651-9490 and let us help you design what you need.

    Read about our engineered gas management systems below:


nitrogen, medical grade air, gas manifold

Power and performance for micro-drills


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   Contact Superior Products to learn how we can help with your

engineering, manufacturing, and logistic needs for compressed gas products and systems.


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