Engineering Excellence for High Speed Micro Drills:


   When using a pneumatically powered high speed micro-drill to cut and sculpt small bones and enamel, itís critical that the medical grade air (CGA 346) or nitrogen (CGA 580) used to power the micro-drill is supplied with a constant, uninterrupted flow of gas. If there is any decrease in gas pressure or loss of gas supply the performance of the micro-drill will be affected, as will the overall medical procedure. In order to reduce the risk of their pneumatically powered high speed micro-drills running out of gas, a dental care facility relied on the Engineering Excellence of Superior Products to design a gas management system for their facility.

   The gas management system pictured to the left features a GMA-LA2-580-04 high pressure automatic changeover manifold for nitrogen (CGA 580). GMA2-MHV-580 modular headers and PTF-580-36I-36 flexible pigtails attach two bulk nitrogen tanks to either side of the automatic changeover manifold. This gas management system draws nitrogen from the primary cylinder bank (two bulk tanks on either the left or right side) to power the high speed micro-drill. When the gas supply drops below a certain pressure level, the automatic changeover manifold will automatically begin drawing from the other cylinder bank without interrupting the gas flow. This allows lab technicians ample time to schedule a replenishment of the empty nitrogen bulk tanks with their gas distributor.

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